Launch Event Video

Thank you to everyone who came out to our launch night. As first weeks go, it has been incredible, way more than we were expecting. Feedback in...

Link West Interview with Tyson

Alice Schwetzer from Link West spent some time with Dream Chaser Founder, Tyson Joseph and asked him a dozen questions. This article offers highlights from their conversation...

Our First Piece of Press

Tyson recently introduced the Dream Chaser App at a Hub Dot event. It got such an amazing response that they decided to write about it on the...

App User Experience

We're hugely grateful to our friend Mighty Mouse (aka @sophieabw) who was our app model. Here is her smiley face telling us how the app works.

How the App Works

We knew that we had to make something we would use to finish projects ideas and chase dreams. So we made it as simple as we could....

Introducing the App to 100 Women

As I walk up to the stage, it dawns on me that for 18 months while: building this app, handing in my notice, raising money, emptying life...

We Submitted the App!

Woke up to an email from the App Store saying the #dreamchaserapp is currently being reviewed. It's happening! The early support has been amazing. Yesterday someone I...

Dream Chaser Launch Party

The launch party will soon be here and will take place where the idea for this app was born, at the Canal Deli in London. Find out more and...

The Inspiration Behind the Logo

As I explained to my mum that it's a truth or dare app made to help people complete:projects, ideas and dreams, she looks at me with her...

The Inspiration for Dream Chaser

This video explains what the app is, why we had to make it and the three lies and one bout of depression that made this all happen.

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How the App Works

Our First Piece of Press

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Launch Event Video