Below are some frequently asked questions about using the Dream Chaser app.

How do I create a dream?

Create your dream by clicking on the red leaf icon. You will then need to do the following.

a) Name your project.

b) Decide how many days you want your project to last – 3 days, 7 days, 21 days or 40 days.

c) Decide how often you want to take action, between once a week to once a day (1-7 times a week).

d) choose a meme, or take a picture or a 10-second video dare that will be shared to our wall of shame and or your social media of choice if you do not follow through. If you are successful then your profile pic goes onto our Wall of Fame.

How do I match with someone?

Swipe up to match, swipe down to pass. If you swipe up, you will be asked an icebreaker question (for now) and your answer will be sent to the dreamer who posted the dream. They can then choose if they are ready to chase their dream with you or not.  

If they choose to do so, you will receive an alert telling you that you have been chosen. You will then be required to set up your dare. Once you have set up your dare, a new chat will open with you and the dreamer. You both are now dream chasing together.

What happens after I create my dream?

At this stage, we are reliant upon someone seeing it on the matching feed and choosing to match with it.

In version 2, you will be able to send your dream directly to someone you know and together begin your Dream Chase. (update expected mid-November)

What if I like someone's dream but don't want to do the same thing as them?

You can coach. For example, you might want to write three times a week, but want to match with someone who wants to run three times a week. Match with them, in the chat you guys can agree that you will both post in your Dream Chase three times a week – what you post is up to you.

How do I search or find people?

The elephant in the room! We had a version with an incredibly slick explore page and a fully functioning search feature that was not ready for the launch. It is on its way and should be ready by late October. Till then you can click on people’s profiles on the matching screen and follow them there.

How does the feed work?

For every person you follow, their logged photos and or video will appear in your dream chasing feed. Nothing you write in your Dream Chaser chat will appear in the feed – only your logged sessions.

What is the leaderboard?

The pics and videos with the most engagement from the Wall of Fame and Wall of Shame will end up here.

Does the app work on iPads?

Not yet, we ran out of money. The app is currently optimized for the iPhones 5, 6 and 7 and Samsung Galaxy phones. Every device requires a specific set of workarounds so we have had to build this app for the most popular phones currently on the market. We do want the final version of the app ready for Desktops, iPad, iPod and every device you can imagine. But, to get there will require serious funding which we are working towards.

How do I share feedback on bugs and other issues?

email: contact@dreamchaserapp let us know what model phone you have and what OS you are running as this is the most important thing for our developers to know in order to be able to resolve issues.