Fear, doubts, rejection, worry, depression. As much as we may want to avoid them, they tend to be part of the Dream Chaser journey. If fully let loose, they can convince you that you are not strong enough, smart enough or even worthy of your own dreams. After many sleepless nights with the first version of an app that didn’t work, with a tech team who moved onto other stuff and with a huge drop off rate on the app, the question was: ‘what now?’ Feel sad, feel a bit heartbroken, then finally, answer the question. What now? This is the Dream Chaser secret: ‘Negative’ emotions are really questions being asked through the language of the body.

Most negative emotions are trying to ask you one of two things:
1. Why me?
2. What now?

When you are down, avoid trying to answer the why me questions. In a low state, your mind will harmonise with low answers. They will tend to be blame or condemnation – “their fault” or “my fault”, neither of which will help you move on.

In a low state, reach for the “What Now?” answers. What can you do now to move forwards? After being left with an app that didn’t work, a tech team who moved on, all the life savings gone. What now?

The answer: Fuck it, I’ll do it myself. The next version of the app has been made from answering the questions of our fears, ‘Why would anyone use this? How could it be fun? What happens when they get bored? Answering these questions has been the best thing for this round of development.

This summer the Dream Chaser app will be relaunched with a new interface, better features, simpler navigation, beautiful design and the kind of love and pride that comes from failing forwards.

Don’t follow your dreams, chase them!


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