As I explained to my mum that it’s a truth or dare app made to help people complete:projects, ideas and dreams, she looks at me with her trademark mix of curiosity and ‘did it come from the devil?’ I show her the logo. She holds my wrist, “Why did you choose that?” Although all of her kids do loud excitement often, she doesn’t. So this is unusual. “The logo had to be an autumn leaf”, I tell her. “Chasing a dream is turning over a new leaf. It has to be an autumn leaf because it’s about life and death – death of excuses, death of an old story. And the new dream is a new insight, new idea, new story, new you.”
She smiles and says, “This is not a good idea. This is a God idea.”

So, although she cares nothing about the truth or dare bit, I got the mama blessing.
The Dream Chaser app is launching on October 3rd. It’s the first truth or dare app designed to help us get shit done and enjoy the journey.

Don’t follow your dreams chase them.

– Tyson Joseph


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